Past Events

Integrating Past Events
Later, do the integration on the prior events with the same emotion attached to it that you remembered. We learn from our earliest moments of life to have particular emotional responses to events. As we integrate all emotions through related events, we break this conditioning, so that the next time a similar event occurs, we don’t attach drama to it. So we correct our attachment to emotions tied to the past, and correct our attachment to emotions that will arise in the future.
Integration Creates Power
The ultimate expression of power is vulnerability. Suffer everything through integration, and the power of events over your emotions dissolves away. A good example of this can be found in martial arts. If an opponent pushes against you to move you off your center and you forcibly resist, your resistance gives your opponent power over you. However, if you take one step to the side, without resisting, your opponent‘s own force will guide him past you, throwing him off balance.
It also follows naturally that your power over others increases, without you having to do or say anything. Many times people react negatively to us because at a deep level they can feel our guilt, rejection or abandonment. They just want to be loved also, and our feelings can spark a need in others to “protect” themselves. Your higher level of consciousness, the simple happiness of trusting life, will have a positive effect on events and people in your life.

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