The four states of being

The Four States of Being
1. Breathe (Physical)
Breathe deeply. Don’t force the exhale, just let go and let it flow naturally, all the way out. Pay attention, be at rest. Continue conscious breathing throughout the process.
2. Inhabit (Vital)
Be aware of an emotion you are feeling, or have felt lately. If you can trace it back to abandonment, rejection or guilt, good. If you can’t that’s ok. Breathe in the experience.
3. Feel (Emotional)
Sit in it. Don’t resist it. Allow yourself to feel it so deeply that you become the emotion. Let it overwhelm you, crush you. Don’t analyze it, or try to find any solutions, just breathe the pain. Just for a moment at the end of each exhale, you will find peace. Eventually, this peace will begin to seep into all of your breathing.
4. Observe (Mental)
Observe yourself feeling this emotion. You still feel the emotion, but you are less and less attached to it. It’s like watching someone else in a movie—you feel compassion, but you’re not suffering so much. The pain starts to dissolve. Pay attention to something long enough and it becomes consciousness. Observe until you are conscious that there is nothing left.
These four steps are done at the same time, as one event. Breathe in the emotion, inhabit it, feel it, observe it. As you go through the process, you will begin to remember other events when you felt the same emotion. Jot them down briefly; more work to do here another time.
Generate Happiness!
Finish up the integration session by feeling happy! Imagine all the cells of your body are smiley faces. They are so happy! They vibrate, jumping up and down with joy. They flow through you and up and out of your crown chakra, creating a fountain of happy faces that swirls around your body. Smile!

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