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back to daily practice

the new dojo has given me more place and time to focus on my work again and now I am back to more of a

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Beautiful day thought

It is a beautiful day. There are flowers outside my window. The sun is shining and life is good. Wow that is a lot to get attached to!!!

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Practice and Commitment

I am a hypocrite. Yep there it is I said it.   I say that as a definition and I own it. I am not a willing hypocrite but in my failings I know that I fit that definition. The … Continue reading

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Is Buddhism a religion?

Is Buddhism a religion? Yes and no. The truth of the matter is that anything that you worship and put faith in can be your religion. You can put your faith and hope in a political party, a possession like … Continue reading

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Do something

My biggest challenge in time management and life management is getting around to do all the things that I need to do. Lately I am getting better but that is only because of a big shift in how I do … Continue reading

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