The Eightfold Path

The eightfold path has used several words in my experience that can be misunderstood so right upfront I will explain why I list them as I do.

Many places you see them listed as “right understanding, right thought, right speech” , and so forth. In place of the word right I have also seen appropriate and proper used. I will use the word proper.  I don’t want anyone to think of these in terms of right and wrong. These are not a set of commandments to be followed. They are ways of acting that you can follow or not as you choose. To get into the subject of cause and effect here would be pointless and take up too much space. These are good ideas much in the same way it is a good idea not to play in traffic or it is a good idea to wear eye protection when welding. If you do certain things in life certain things happen to you good or bad. That is what karma really means

              Proper Understanding

2               Proper thought

3               Proper Speech

4               Proper Action

5               Proper Livelihood

6               Proper Effort

7               Proper Mindfulness

8               Proper Meditation

Each one of these will be discussed in the blog over the course of time Please refer there for a deeper discussion of what each one means in actions we can take in our lives.

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