What we all should be doing

Today I walked through town visiting shops enjoying a day off. I found a wonderful shop that caught my eye because there were examples of malas and metalwork with sandscrit in the windows. Walking in and looking around I was met by a charming young man who was eager to explain the translation and more importantly the meaning of the symbols and writing on the various things he had. He was a very skilled jewelery maker and had set coins in variousĀ  pendants that were centuries old. He was very proud of having goods available from places in the world that needed the economic help like Haiti and Indonesia. In explaining the origin of these works of art and what they meant he was spending his day teaching the dharma. I listened for a bit to see if it was a scripted sales tool or if he genuinely meant what he was saying and I was thrilled to find that he was concerned about making the world a better place. I explained after a bit that I was Buddhist “clergy” and we had a wonderful existential conversation.

I HIGHLY recommend a trip to MUSE under the bridge on north main street to anyone interested in fine, imported or antique jewelery. And maybe there would just be a moment of uplifting conversation in your day that could improve the world.

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