Practice and Commitment

I am a hypocrite. Yep there it is I said it.


I say that as a definition and I own it. I am not a willing hypocrite but in my failings I know that I fit that definition. The interesting thing is that I know how important daily practice is but I keep finding myself going a day or several days without doing more than myst my basic daily practices. I always do at least one element of my daily practice and I give it contemplation during the day but that just doesn’t cut it. I teach martial arts and I occasionally have students that I know just practice in the dojo and when they walk out  the door and take off the uniform they are no longer martial artists.


In the context of Buddhist mental training it requires daily focused commitment to progress at a good pace. The most critical thing is that if you start something you must finish it. You are never actually done as long as you are breathing but there are processes where you will be reciting a certain number of mantras with visualization and if you stop or create a gap in the middle you really do have to start over again. It is just psychology. Scientists say that our brains require over 20 days up to 60 days of repetition to rewire things so that you are used to doing this every day.

I went through a cycle of charging the mahakaruna dharani mantra which should have taken about a month and a half of repetition every day. It took me over four months because of missing days and having to restart over again. I can blame it on the modern world and a busy life but excuses are just crutches.

The important thing I am trying to get across here is the concept of responsibility. I am going to talk to you in posts about personal responsibility so I want you to know I am not portraying myself as some great guru with wonderful mental control and concentration. What I am more likely to do is tell you what traps I have fallen into because I am probably not as enlightened as any of you out there.

All that being said I am hoping you all can learn something from my ramblings.

Namaste Ya’all


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5 Responses to Practice and Commitment

  1. MrBig says:

    It is refreshing to hear from someone who speaks the definition of dharma and Dharma. Thanks for sharing the path and showing some of the pits to us.

    • admin says:

      You are welcome but try not to become too pleased by my words. You will probably find you like one line and the next one offends you. Namaste

  2. MrBig says:

    Well If you are really going to talk about responsibility I guess that is the way it has to be. Too many people are afraid to offend by saying the truth.

  3. plaid says:

    Thanks for such an honest, open view. It’s easy to say you believe one thing or another, but it’s harder to admit you struggle day to day. Gives hope to all of us.

  4. Inch says:

    Love the blog

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