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My biggest challenge in time management and life management is getting around to do all the things that I need to do. Lately I am getting better but that is only because of a big shift in how I do a certain thing. I used to prioritize everything like a list. I don’t know when it started but looking back I seem to have taken up the deli system of “Now serving number 56…56 please pickup”. When I put you on the list of things to do you would march steadily to the front of the line and get done in order.

I think that was a function of overwhelm. I got to the point where I no longer chose to make intelligent decisions about priorities even though I told myself I did. Now my new system is based solely on priorities. This means that if your task isn’t as important as the 28 ahead of it you may never ever get done. Oh well. I am ok with that. Now I know the important things are getting done. It has been one more step in taking charge of my life.

Certain things have to happen every day no matter what. I have to get up in the morning. Bathe, walk the dog. etc,. Now I am managing these have to moments so that they are multi use moments. I need better exercise for my legs so now the dog walk is a dog run. I can’t keep him interested in doing this on foot since there is no way I can keep up with a two year old black Labrador who is jet propelled. Instead I take him on a mountain bike. No he can’t reach the peddles but he is thrilled to run like the wind along with me up and down our back roads.

Management is critical to the successes that I want so I can never let myself not have the time to do what I need to. I have to do something.

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