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As you read my ramblings here you may learn a thing or two and you may not. I am glad to be of help if I can but my main reason for this effort is personal and selfish. I feel the need to get that our of the way right up front. I am a busy engineer running my own business. This takes up an amazing amount of time and makes it really easy for me to have excuses for not doing things I know I should. Those things are my daily martial arts practice and my daily studies and meditations on the Dharma. Hopefully you will find some of my process useful as you see it unfold here. I will be using my experience as an engineer, IT instructor and a martial arts instructor to present some of these strict traditional processes in ways that are easily understandable by the western mind. Feel free to comment or to contact me about these things but don’t be upset if I don’t get right back to you. Remember the above that I am really busy. I am not ignoring you. 

I have some background in Kagyu buddhism, a familiarity with Tendai buddhism and am currently studying the Mahajrya multi-lineage tradition. I am an ordained teacher (Adhyapaka) so it is officially OK to pass along teachings of the lineage but this website is going to stay vey universal and general. Yes we will discuss everything from the san ki-e to the kuji-in and kuji-kiri. No I will not be teaching you a “how to” in these subjects. That requires direct communication with a teacher that a website cannot allow. If you need a teacher I may be able to help as I know many in various traditions that are much better then myself.

As it is the process here will be exploring and unfolding traditions in a way the western mind can assimilate them.

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