What is Mind Science?

Every day science is making discoveries that agree with centuries old beliefs about how the mind works, how the universe works, and how we can interact and control our place in that universe.

The mind sciences discussed here are not a religion. They are not a devotion. They are tools. You decide your religion or devotion in life. These tools come from the ancient practices of buddhism but you don’t have to be a buddhist to use them. These tools will help the Christian, Muslim, Jew or Hindu as well as any other. The tools are about knowing yourself, learning focus and control, and reshaping your outlook on your life.

What you will find on this site

At the top there is a navigation bar where you can explore some of the basic teachings that have been around for centuries and proven by practice and modern science. You will find subjects like the four noble truths explained, eightfold path and explaination of the different types of paths available.

What you will NOT find on this site

You will not find anything here that you have to take on faith! Test it all. If it doesn’t work for you move on. Don’t use it. You will not find any of the deep technical secrets that should be passed on teacher to student. Those are reserved for direct teaching. The basic knowledge on this site is free to all. If you need to find a teacher for the deeper stuff contact me and I can help you find one. I know several great ones

Why I am doing this

Much like most of you out there I have a life. I priorities that keep me from finding it practical to retreat to a monastery to pursue my daily practice and learning. I have found in the past in teaching technical subjects and martial arts both I learn more by teaching or passing along the knowledge. To do so effectively I have to give focused contemplation to the subject to make it digestible by the student. I am doing this for selfish reasons certainly. It gives me another reason to remember my daily practices and meditation and to pass those insights along in this format. I am no guru and I am not setting myself up as your teacher. For that matter NO teacher can make you learn. YOU have to do the hard work and make that happen. I am just showing a path and explaining experiences. If you are entertained GREAT! If you learn GREAT! if you think this is a load of crap and go away GREAT! You have free will and NEVER willingly surrender that to another!

I would like to thank my teachers past and present that have helped me get to this point.

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